Cam-Rod, Earbuds, and Teller Installation

Teller, Steel, LCD Character Display, 2013.

Teller is composed of a steel structure and a small LCD Character Display. The display is powered by an Arduino Uno, and custom pixels were drawn within the display in order to create the animation.

Cam-Rod, Steel, Camera, Felt, Speakers, 2013.

Cam-Rod is a steel structure that houses a camera and small speakers within its head. These devices are connected to a computer (located outside of the sculpture) running a Processing script. The script uses OpenCV to detect faces and emit various tones through the sculpture's speakers once it "senses" a human presence.

Ear-Buds, Silicone, LED, 2013.

Ear-Buds is a silicone sculpture that is partially hollow and contains a small circuit, battery, and LED.